Best-selling engagement rings

With VRAI created diamonds and a timeless aesthetic, these are our most popular engagement ring styles.

Expert advice
Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

VRAI Created Diamond Rings: The Epitome of Purity and Craftsmanship

At VRAI, our engagement rings are a testament to both modern innovation and timeless beauty. Each ring features a lab-grown diamond, cultivated in our zero-emission foundry, ensuring unmatched traceability and environmental responsibility. Our rings showcase meticulous craftsmanship, with diamonds precision-cut for maximum brilliance. Just Diamond. No Mining.

Find your engagement ring

Our guide to finding the engagement ring you'll say yes to.

When selecting the metal for your engagement ring, it’s important to consider the fine jewelry you already own. Most people have a strong preference for yellow, rose, or white gold, for example. Ideally, it should match your existing collection since you’ll be wearing them together.

Metals include:


Platinum engagement rings are beloved for their incredible luster. And, as platinum is slightly harder than solid gold, those who choose it do so for its extra durability and strength

Yellow Gold

18k solid yellow gold is the color most associated with gold itself. Choosing this hue will give your ring a look of timeless elegance.

Rose Gold

14k solid rose gold pairs well with yellow and white gold, or can stand alone, making it the ideal option for those whose fine jewelry collection features a variety of metal colors.

White Gold

18k solid white gold creates a look of modern sophistication and, like platinum, highlights colorless diamonds to perfection.

Design your own

VRAI offers engagement rings for women and men in a variety of carats. You can even use our Cut for You™ program to have a lab diamond cut in over 30 shapes and carat sizes from one to ten carats.

1 carat

2 carat

3 carat

5 carat

Now that you have found your center stone and setting, it’s time to propose! We’ll leave that decision up to you, but you can be assured your proposal ring will reflect your love and values.

Not only is your center stone from VRAI free from the human and environmental toll of mining, but it is created by 100% renewable energy and recycled gold.

After exploring our settings and browsing our diamond collection, letting our diamond experts assist you is always encouraged. They offer in-depth diamond education and guidance through your many options. Booking an appointment with our team means that you will receive immediate feedback on all your questions concerning the 4cs of diamonds, budget, setting styles, and more.

These well-loved appointments are often quite celebratory. Not only can you and your beloved attend the appointment together and enjoy selecting your engagement ring side by side, but you can also return to select your wedding bands, or invite family and friends to select wedding jewelry later on.

Our diamond experts are available to speak with you inside our showrooms in cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Houston, London and more. But they are also available wherever you are in the world! Book a virtual appointment and you can choose the ring you’ll say yes to from the comfort of your own home.