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Explore rose gold engagement rings featuring lab grown diamonds created by VRAI for a look that is regal and romantic.

How to buy a rose gold engagement ring

Your guide to finding the rose gold engagement ring meant just for you.

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Rose gold engagement rings FAQ

For those wanting something slightly different than a traditional Solitaire, consider unique rose gold engagement rings in multi-stone variations like the Three Stone engagement ring, Toi et Moi, or Five Stone Heirloom engagement ring. Small but impactful details, such as platinum prongs on a rose gold Classic Two Tone engagement ring or the hidden VRAI created diamonds in a Hidden Halo also offer a unique twist on timeless.

Rose gold engagement ring sets are also called wedding ring sets interchangeably. A wedding ring set can be either an engagement ring and wedding band selected to be worn together, or matching couple rings. In either case, matching your rings by selecting both in rose gold is one of the most effortless ways to find the perfect pair.

Rose gold’s soft, romantic hue can add the perfect personal touch to your engagement ring of choice, resulting in a look that is as unique as your love story. Because it is made out of 14k solid gold, it will also be slightly more durable and better for everyday wear. Rose gold is beloved on its own but is also a wonderful choice for those who have both yellow and white gold in their jewelry collection, as it pairs easily with both.

You should clean your diamond ring once a week. Mix 1 tsp of dish soap into one cup of warm water until fully dissolved. Dip your rose gold engagement ring in the solution and use a soft cloth (or soft bristle toothbrush) to gently scrub clean. Rinse with clean water and let dry on a clean, soft cloth. Have your ring professionally cleaned at least once a year. Every VRAI engagement ring purchase comes with a Lifetime Care Package that includes complimentary annual cleaning.