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2 Carat Round Diamond Rings: Your Go-To Guide

Kimberly Zerkel | March 10, 2023

Kimberly Zerkel | March 10, 2023

A 2 carat Round diamond engagement ring featuring VRAI created diamonds is a timeless way of declaring your love. The average engagement ring features a 1 carat diamond. So many who decide to buy a diamond twice the average carat weight often want more brilliance, more fire — and more romance! Others might simply be diamond lovers who want to budget in a larger center stone.

Whatever your reason, a 2 carat Round Brilliant engagement ring is eternally elegant and sought after the world over. Read on to learn more about this best-selling style or book an appointment with a diamond expert to find yours without delay.

What Is A 2 Carat Round Diamond Engagement Ring?

A 2 carat diamond Round diamond engagement ring generally features one single Round cut diamond that weighs 2 carats. Most 2 carat Round engagement rings are Solitaire engagement rings, but technically a Three Stone setting could highlight 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamonds that combine to equal 2 carats.

Although many equate diamond carat with size, it actually refers to a diamond’s weight. 2 carats are equal to 400 milligrams or 0.4 grams. Each diamond shape displays their carat weight differently. A Round Brilliant diamond is considered to be the truest to size; a 2 carat Round Brilliant will often be around 8mm in diameter. Marquise cut diamonds and other elongated shapes will usually appear larger, whereas Cushion cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, and even some Princess cut diamonds can appear slightly smaller.

How Important Is A 2 Carat Round Diamond Ring’s Cut?

Diamond cut is of the utmost importance when it comes to a Round Brilliant’s signature scintillation. The Round Brilliant is true to its name and shines and shimmers the brightest of them all — which is just one reason why this shape is the most sought-after in the world. Its brilliant cut facets produce this renowned scintillation, making this shape shinier than step-cut Emerald cut diamonds or mixed-cut Cushions.

To achieve this brilliance, much of the rough diamond is cut away during the Round Brilliant’s cutting and polishing process. This contributes to its higher price point (although VRAI’s diamond pricing makes a 2 carat Round Brilliant more affordable than mined Rounds).

Cut is the only one of the 4Cs that is directly influenced by humans. In fact, a poor cut has nothing to do with the original diamond itself and everything to do with a craftsperson’s errors. Their errors (or skills) play the most important role when it comes to a Round Brilliant cut diamond’s appearance. A 2 carat Round with a Fair cut grade will most likely appear smaller than an Excellent cut grade because a diamond’s “sparkle” often makes it look larger on hand. Therefore, it’s important to prioritize cut first — even if it means moving down ever so slightly in carat weight.

How Does A 2 Carat Round Diamond Ring Appear On My Hand?

A 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond will often be around 8mm in diameter, making it look substantial but not ostentatious on hand. Most Solitaire engagement ring settings will make your Round Brilliant VRAI created diamond look true to size on hand. Halo engagement ring settings, Bezel engagement ring settings, and even Cathedral engagement ring settings will make the center stone look slightly larger because of added pavé diamonds, metal, or height.

1 Carat Vs 2 Carat Round Diamond Rings

Deciding between a 1 carat vs. 2 carat diamond ring is a personal choice that should be based on your budget and style.

Although many want the largest diamond available within their price range, doubling carat weight does not necessarily mean doubling its perceived size. On average, a 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond will appear around 50% larger than a 1 carat diamond of the same shape. Consider how your preferred diamond shape displays its carat weight before opting for a lighter or heavier stone.

2 Carat Vs 2.5 Carat Round Diamond Rings

A 2.5 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond will be visibly larger than a 2 carat Round. The latter measures in between 8-8.1 mm, while a 2.5 carat Round is closer to 8.9-9 mm. For those wanting a more substantial or impactful-looking center stone, moving up to 2.5 carats might be the right move. But the price tag will move up exponentially. For those who perhaps cannot afford to go up a half carat, consider settings that will make the diamond appear larger or even Oval cut diamonds that will maximize carat weight while looking similar to a Round Brilliant.

2 Carat Vs Big Diamond Rings

Large diamond rings will cost more than smaller diamond rings almost every time. As the carat weight increases, the diamond price increases. This is because larger rough diamonds are more rare. However, the total price of a diamond also depends on the remaining 4Cs and diamond shape.

For example, VRAI created diamonds in the 6 carat diamond range, with G-I color and VS1-SI1 clarity grade, cost between $12,866 and $15,371 at the time of publication. A 2 carat Round Brilliant VRAI created diamond with the same grading starts at around $2,400.

What Are The Best Engagement Ring Styles For A 2 Carat Round Diamond Ring?

The best engagement ring style is the one that is a reflection of your personal style. However, certain engagement ring settings are best for putting your 2 carat diamond on full display. Which style of engagement ring will you choose? .

2 Carat Round Solitaire Engagement Rings

A Solitaire engagement ring is perhaps the best way to highlight the beauty of a 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond. A Round Brilliant Solitaire is also the most popular engagement ring style in the entire world (and VRAI’s best-selling engagement ring). Whether choosing between a traditional setting or a more contemporary design, there’s a 2 carat diamond Solitaire ring for your Round cut VRAI created diamond.

The Signature
The Classic
The Tapered Classic

2 Carat Round Halo Engagement Rings

A 2 carat Halo engagement ring is perfect for those with vintage-inspired taste. This setting, which was a popular Art Deco engagement ring style, outlines the center stone with a “halo” of melee diamonds. This added layer of shine means that your 2 carat Halo engagement ring looks even larger when worn. For those who want vintage with a twist, try the Halo Dome or the Hidden Halo setting.

The Hidden Halo
The Halo
The Halo Dome

2 Carat Round Bezel Engagement Rings

A 2 carat Bezel engagement ring is the perfect mix of both old and new. Although inspired from vintage engagement rings, the look of sleek platinum or solid gold surrounding a center stone is now considered undeniably modern. Beyond just style, a bezel is also considered one of the most secure settings for an engagement ring.

The Signature Bezel
The Signature Bezel
The Signature Bezel

2 Carat Round Three Stone Engagement Rings

What’s better than one Round Brilliant cut VRAI created diamond? Three! A Three Stone engagement ring setting allows you to highlight your 2 carat center stone with matching .25 or .5 carat Round Brilliant diamonds on each side. While many love a perfect trio, consider mixing your center Round with different side stones, such as Pear cut diamonds or Trillion cut diamonds for a look that’s unique to you.

The Three Stone
The Three Stone
The Three Stone

Shop 2 Carat Round Diamond Rings With Our Diamond Experts

Ready to find the engagement ring that you’ll cherish for a lifetime and pass down for generations? A 2 carat Round Brilliant cut diamond engagement ring is sure to be a future heirloom— so choose with expert advice. Our diamond experts will give you personalized guidance, in-depth diamond education, and seamless assistance in purchasing the ring meant just for you.

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