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What Are Different Types of Diamond Shapes?

VRAI | May 3, 2021

VRAI | May 3, 2021

Diamond shapes refer to the diamond’s physical form and are usually the most distinguishable feature. A diamond’s shape is considered its personality and symbols of self-expression.

Below is a guide to ten different diamond shapes for engagement rings. For fine jewelry, choose from fifteen diamond shapes, including eight Iconic Shapes — uniquely shaped lab-grown diamonds that are an unprecedented expression of craftsmanship highlighted by an inventive prong placement.

Read on to discover our ultimate guide to engagement ring and fine jewelry VRAI created diamond shapes, from A to Z.

What is the difference between a diamond shape and a diamond cut?

A diamond shape refers to its exterior form and is recognizable even from a distance. Although often associated with cut (which refers to a diamond’s facets), the diamond shape more accurately represents the diamond’s overall look.

A diamond’s cut is better seen up close. Cut is all about facets — the flat surfaces on a diamond that allow light to enter and reflect back. The brilliant cut on a Round Brilliant shaped diamond allows for light to bounce back and shine in many different directions at once. The linear step cut of an Emerald shaped diamond creates what is referred to as a “hall of mirrors” effect.

Speak with one of our diamond experts in person or virtually to understand more about diamond shapes and cuts.

What are top diamond shapes for engagement rings?

This list of ten features some of the most popular diamond shapes for engagement rings — which is why each is featured in VRAI’s engagement ring settings.

Along with their physical description, there is information on their cut, their number of facets, and which of the other 4Cscarat weight, clarity, and color — should be prioritized.

1. Round Brilliant shaped diamonds

A true classic and the perfect balance of proportion and symmetry, this rounded shape has sparkling facets that maximize brilliance and fire. The Round Brilliant is a timeless cut that stands the test of time and is the most popular of all diamond shapes.

It is also often considered one of the most expensive diamond shapes (but with VRAI’s vertical integration, you can buy a Round Brilliant cut diamond at a more accessible price point). The round brilliant’s poetic curves that come full circle to signify eternal love are highlighted in multiple VRAI engagement ring styles.

Shop Round Brilliant
  • Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Brilliant

  • Known for: Representing 75% of all diamonds sold, this diamond is the ultimate classic shape.

  • Prioritize: Cut. They are known for their much-desired brilliance, so compromise on carat size, color, or clarity before cut quality for maximum sparkle.

2. Oval shaped diamonds

This soft silhouette with its elongated shape is one of our most-loved. The Oval elongates the fingers, hides inclusions, and looks large with its generous surface area. Our oval cut engagement rings highlight the VRAI created diamond’s beautifully balanced curves.

Shop Oval

* Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Modified Brilliant

  • Known For: Having the same brilliance as a Round Brilliant, but with an elongated form.

  • Prioritize: Carat. The Oval maximizes carat weight because of its surface area.

  • VRAI’s ratio: 1.40 : 1.

3. Emerald shaped diamonds

One of the oldest diamond shapes and beloved for it’s clean, linear lines, the emerald cut is a testament to exacting precision. This rectangular shape features step-cut facets running down the sides to draw attention towards the center of the stone.

These long, symmetrical and narrow facets add depth and dimension, while drawing in light and spotlighting clarity, making this shape look modern and elegant. Crystalline and sleek, our emerald cut engagement rings highlight long, narrow facets for a sophisticated and stunning “hall of mirrors” effect.

Shop Emerald
  • Facets: 49, rectangular

  • Cut: Step

  • Known for: Being one of the oldest diamond shapes, a “hall of mirrors” effect

  • Prioritize: Clarity. The step-cut facets make a diamond’s natural inclusions more visible, so opt for VS1 or higher grades.

  • VRAI’s ratio: 1.45 : 1

4. Pear shaped diamonds

The Pear’s teardrop silhouette leads to a single point, balancing brilliant facets with a pleasing proportion and depth while elongating the fingers. Pear-shaped diamonds, once preferred for fine jewelry over engagement rings, have gained in popularity recently with their blend of round and marquise shapes and symbolic teardrop design. Tapered to perfection, our pear cut engagement rings highlight VRAI created diamonds with a balance of proportion and depth.

Shop Pear
  • Facets: 56, triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Brilliant

  • Known for: Resembling a “tear of joy,” appearing larger than other diamond shapes of the same carat weight. It may possess a slight "bow-tie" effect in its center, which is the dark shadow that appears from the face-up. The degree of “bow-tie” severity varies so you can base your decision on personal preference.

  • Prioritize: Color, clarity or cut. Pear cut diamonds feature a large face and facets, so prioritize these 3Cs before carat size for maximum brilliance.

5. Radiant shaped diamonds

The perfect balance of beauty and strength, the Radiant combines the unmatched brilliance of the Round Brilliant with the distinct silhouette of the Emerald.

Admired for its impeccable symmetry and fiery appearance, this shape is an ideal center-stone for any of our customizable engagement ring settings. Composed of 70 brilliant cut facets, this unique cut offers ideal brilliance and elongation while the beveled corners add durability.

Shop Radiant
  • Facets: 70, brilliant cut

  • Cut: Brilliant

  • Known for: Unique cut and proportions, cropped corners that increase durability to chipping for those with an active lifestyle.

  • Prioritize: Cut. This shape features brilliant facets which hide inclusions and reflect light well, so cut comes before clarity, color, or carat weight here.

6. Cushion shaped diamonds

Called a “Cushion” for its pillow-like appearance, this soft square shape features rounded corners and a brilliant cut. Large facets highlight clarity, disguise inclusions and maximize radiance, creating the look of crushed ice when reflecting light.

Because of this, the cushion cut diamond is considered to be of the diamond shapes that shines the most vividly. This contemporary favorite is a balance between a classic round and uniform square and comes in a variety of VRAI engagement ring styles.

Shop Cushion
  • Facets: 77 triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Modified Brilliant

  • Known For: A pillow-like in appearance due its soft curves, “crushed ice” reflection

  • Prioritize: Clarity. The large open table spotlights the diamond’s inclusions.

7. Princess shaped diamonds

Invented in 1979 by one of our master cutters, effortlessly marries the classic brilliance of a diamond with the modern appeal of strong edges - ranking it one of the most sought-after diamond shapes in engagement rings.

With an equilateral design, our princess cut engagement rings highlight VRAI created diamonds with strong edges and pointed corners for a clean cut design that maximizes fire and scintillation.

Shop Princess
  • Facets: 57, triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Brilliant

  • Known for: Being a true square with sharp corners and sleek, geometric sides, a Chevron-shaped bottom facet.

  • Prioritize: Clarity or cut. They feature a large, open table, so clarity and cut affect its overall brilliance.

8. Marquise shaped diamonds

A historically notable and vintage-inspired silhouette, the marquise cut is the picture of tradition and romance. A balance of proportion and symmetry, this stunning elliptical shape features sharp edges that spotlight carat weight and brilliance. For a look that is feminine and strong, our marquise cut engagement rings styles celebrate these VRAI created diamonds’ unique navette shape.

Shop Marquise
  • Facets: 56 triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Brilliant

  • Known for: It’s long, narrow “navette” shape, making the diamond appear larger and your finger slimmer, as well as a "bow-tie" effect in their center, which is the dark shadow that appears from the face up. The degree of “bow-tie” severity varies so you can base your decision on personal preference.

  • Prioritize: Color, clarity, or cut. A Marquise’s large face means that carat size should come last for maximum brilliance.

  • Our ratio: 1.85 : 1.

9. Trillion shaped diamonds

A thoroughly modern diamond shape, today’s trillion cut is at once soft and sharp. Eye-catching and unexpected, our trillion cut engagement rings highlight VRAI created diamonds with three equal sides, faceted for fiery brilliance.

Shop Trillion
  • Facets: 37, triangular and kite-shaped

  • Cut: Modified Brilliant

  • Known for: A sleek, futuristic look and triangular shape. Trillions also appear larger than other diamond shapes by carat weight.

  • Prioritize: Color, clarity, or cut. They feature a large face-up size for their weight, so carat comes last.

10. Asscher shaped diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond marries the elegance and glamour of the Art Deco era with modern style and fine craftsmanship. The step cut, X-shaped facets with clean geometric lines spotlight the shape’s mesmerizing lustre and gives it a distinctive appeal.

This glamorous shape has recently regained its former popularity, and its celebrated geometrical form is highlighted in a variety of VRAI engagement rings.

Shop Asscher
  • Facets: 74 triangular and trapezoidal

  • Cut: Step-cut, octagonal

  • Known for: A vintage look, a square outline with distinct X-pattern, “hall of mirrors” effect

  • Prioritize: Color. The larger facets spotlight color more than brilliant cuts.

What diamond shape is best for you?

There is no such thing as the “best” diamond shape. When choosing a diamond shape for an engagement ring, personal preference and taste must come first. So instead of asking what the best diamond shape is, you should ask which shape is best for you.

The Round Brilliant is by far the most popular diamond shape in the world. And Oval shaped diamonds are the most sought-after VRAI created diamonds. When it comes to selecting your shape, consider your personal style.

Round Brilliant, Oval, and Emerald shapes are thought of as classic. Pear, Marquise, and Asscher shaped diamonds are considered vintage-inspired and romantic. Trillion and Radiant are considered to be modern-yet-timeless.

The best way to choose is to explore VRAI created diamonds and find the shapes that resonate with you the most.

Which diamond shape sparkles the most?

The Round Brilliant diamond “sparkles” the most. Sparkle actually refers to a diamond’s fire and scintillation. The rounded shape, and angled sides accentuate a Round Brilliant’s 57 facets. But not every Round Brilliant is guaranteed to shine bright — cut must be prioritized to ensure its brilliance.

After the Round Brilliant, Oval, Marquise, and Pear shaped diamonds are considered extremely brilliant. And then Cushion, Emerald, Asscher and Radiant shaped diamonds are categorized as brilliant.

What is the most expensive diamond shape?

Round brilliant shaped diamonds are the most expensive diamond shape. Their price is affected by their popularity. On average, between 50 to 75% of all the diamonds sold around the world are Round Brilliants. Because they are so popular, many retailers can charge more for this sought-after shape.

Which diamond shapes look the biggest?

Marquise, Pear, Oval, and Emerald shaped diamonds appear the largest. This is due to their elongated form. Even though a 1-carat Oval shaped diamond will weigh the exact same as a 1-carat Round Brilliant diamond, its large open face will make it appear bigger. These styles are perfect for those wanting to maximize the size of their engagement ring center stone.

Diamond Shapes for Fine Jewelry

VRAI offers a variety of diamond shapes for fine jewelry that are not necessarily available for engagement rings. These shapes are highlighted in nearly every fine jewelry design, but are perhaps easiest to identify in VRAI’s Solitaire and Iconic Shapes collection.

Solitaire Diamond Shapes

These six classic diamond shapes are featured in stud, necklace, and pendant designs featuring recycled solid gold.

  1. Emerald
  2. Marquise
  3. Oval
  4. Pear
  5. Round Brilliant
  6. Trillion

VRAI’s Iconic Shapes

These daring shapes are modern interpretations of classic styles featured in an inventive and minimal recycled solid gold setting.

1. Asscher

The Asscher cut diamond marries the elegance and glamour of the Art Deco era with modern style and fine craftsmanship. The step cut, X-shaped facets with clean geometric lines spotlight the shape’s mesmerizing lustre and gives it a distinctive appeal.

This glamorous shape has recently regained its former popularity, and its celebrated geometrical form is highlighted in a variety of VRAI engagement rings.

  • Facets: 74 triangular and trapezoidal

  • Cut: Step-cut, octagonal

Shop Asscher

2. Baguette

Both classic and modern, the Baguette is rectangular in shape with step-cut facets that highlight the stone. Featuring long sleek lines and symmetrical faceting, this shape draws in light for unparalleled depth and dimension.

  • Facets: 14

  • Cut: Step

Shop Baguette

3. Half Moon

Encompassing a soft feminine curve and a sharp edge, this shape balances the best of both worlds with extraordinary brilliance. Named after its resemblance to a half moon, this shape typically features half of an oval or half of a round brilliant. Often used as side stones to complement a center stone, the half moon shapes represent two parts coming together to become a whole in engagement rings, while in fine jewelry, its distinct shape takes center stage.

  • Facets: 43

  • Cut: Brilliant

Shop Half Moon

4. Hexagon

The modern interpretation of the timeless rose cut, this shape mesmerizes with geometric step-cut facets. With its six-sided structure, this shape offers a unique appeal that draws attention to the center of the stone. The geometric and angular style of the stone gives the Hexagon a vintage appeal that pairs well with a variety of settings.

  • Facets: 31

  • Cut: Step

Shop Hexagon

5. Keystone

Inspired by the oversized proportions of a tapered baguette, this shape’s clean lines create a one-of-a-kind silhouette. Capturing light from all directions, the Keystone’s trapezoid-like shape maximizes fire and scintillation, and is versatile enough to be used as a center or side stone. Its trapezoid-like shape features a large surface area, highlighting the brilliance of the stone and its “hall of mirrors” effect.

  • Facets: 21

  • Cut: Step

Shop Keystone

6. Long Hexagon

With an elongated outline, this shape has the timeless appeal of an emerald with a distinctive contour. The six-sided, angular stone is perfect for those who desire a modern rendition of vintage aesthetic, and its elongated form means the stone appears larger than its actual carat weight.

  • Facets: 31

  • Cut: Step

Shop Long Hexagon

7. Lozenge

Coming from the original French word for a diamond’s shape, the Lozenge shape perfectly resembles a rhombus. With its streamlined faceting and an emphasis on geometry, this shape is the embodiment of the Art Deco era and is classically elegant.

  • Facets: 21

  • Cut: Step

Shop Lozenge

8. Octavia

With the unrivaled radiance of a round brilliant and an octagonal silhouette, this shape presents a one-of-a-kind brilliance. An extremely challenging shape to cut, the classic and elegant Octavia shape is both unique and rewarding to diamond cutters. High crowns and optimal angles allow maximized brilliance and fire in all directions, while large facets create unique scintillation, setting the Octavia apart from all other shapes.

  • Facets: 80

  • Cut: Step

Shop Octavia

9. Shield

Embodying strength, luster, durability, and light, the shield features a truly unique outline resembling a triangle. The triangular-shaped facets rise up from the girdle to maximize scintillation and brightness. Its flat and angular shape features a bowed top side and two other sides with two bowed edges, lengthening the stone and making it appear larger.

Facets: 43 Cut: Brilliant

Shop Shield

Speak with our diamond experts

For an in-depth look at VRAI created diamond shapes and a better understanding of how the 4Cs affect each shape, speak with our diamond experts. By booking a virtual or in-person appointment, you’ll gain a better understanding of the diamond shape perfect for your engagement ring or fine jewelry design.


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