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How To Pair Your Round Diamond Engagement Ring With A Wedding Band

Angelica Frey | March 14, 2023

Angelica Frey | March 14, 2023

A Round cut diamond engagement ring is a timeless and elegant cut that combines symmetry, harmony, and brilliance. When it comes to pairing its signature circular shape with a wedding band, options abound. There is no right way when it comes to wearing your Round engagement ring: the choice of the wedding band depends on your personal style and on whether you prefer high or low settings. Wedding bands made with VRAI created diamonds can accommodate any style choice. An expert will help you make a regret-proof style choice.

What Is A Round Brilliant Engagement Ring?

A Round Brilliant engagement ring is an engagement ring featuring a Round Brilliant cut diamond. When it comes to this shape and the 4Cs, cut is the most important parameter. In fact, the facets directly determine the stone’s brilliance and can cleverly conceal both inclusion and color. The Round Brilliant cut is the quintessential diamond shape that will never go out of style: surveys and statistics indicate that between 40% and 60% of buyers are opting for an engagement ring featuring a Round Brilliant diamond. A way to make your Round Brilliant engagement ring unique is pairing it with a wedding band.

What’s The Best Wedding Band To Go With A Round Engagement Ring?

The best wedding band for your Round engagement ring will combine style, versatility, and comfort.

One main thing to consider is deciding on the setting of your Round Brilliant cut engagement ring first before determining a matching wedding band. The engagement ring’s overall style and design will determine what band will match best: for example, for diamond-accented bands, many select Infinity, small Eternity, and Devotion bands with melee or Round diamonds to complement the engagement ring’s center stone. In the case of Eternity bands, choosing a lighter total carat weight is recommended to avoid scratching: a diamond expert can advise on the best total carat weight for this style.

Another deciding factor is whether or not you want your wedding band to sit flush with your engagement ring. A flush setting allows your wedding and engagement rings to be neatly stacked without any negative space, and to accommodate that, the center stone of the engagement ring has to sit entirely on top of its band. VRAI’s Classic engagement ring setting featuring four prongs and the Cathedral engagement ring are good examples, and even the Signature Solitaire and Signature Bezel, come with a low setting thanks to the signature sling dipping below the band.

Non-flush fits tend to have lower settings that will create space between the wedding band and the engagement ring, and are more protective of the center stone.

Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

The sleek lines of a Round diamond solitaire allow for countless combinations with wedding bands: you can either match the band style of both engagement ring and wedding ring or deliberately contrast them. A pavé solitaire, for example, works great both with a matching Infinity wedding band or with the timeless Round, whose semi-rounded and polished surface gives it a gleaming appearance that perfectly matches the style of a solitaire.

The Round
The Classic
The Infinity Band

Round Diamond Halo Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

A Round Brilliant diamond is cut to maximize its fire, brightness, and brilliance. When paired with a halo of melee diamonds, the scintillation is further amplified. We suggest pairing a Round Brilliant Halo with a wedding band whose style is consistent with the halo. The Devotion band, for example, combines the scintillation of hand-set pavé diamonds with a sleek, geometric look; a Half Pavé band combines sparkle and practicality.

The Devotion Band
The Halo
The Half Pavé Band

Round Diamond Three Stone Engagement Rings With Wedding Bands

A Three-Stone Engagement Ring allows for a lot of customization: the side stones can be Pear shaped diamonds, Trillion cut diamonds, Round diamonds, and even Tapered Baguette diamonds. Choosing the side stones will determine what wedding band to pair it with. In the case of a Three Stone ring with Tapered Baguettes as side stones, one can choose whether to emphasize either the Round diamond,the step-cut side stones, or both: the Alternating Shapes band, for example, combines Round diamonds and Baguette diamonds.

The Alternating Shapes Band
The Three Stone
The Eternity Band

How Do Curved Bands Pair With A Round Diamond Engagement Ring?

Curved bands work very well with Round Brilliant engagement rings. In fact, curved bands create a floating, surrealistic and overall ethereal effect when paired with a Round Brilliant engagement ring. Whether you opt for a straight or a curved band is completely up to personal preference, but we personally fully endorse the abstract, sculptural feel that results from the pairing of a sleek solitaire with a curved band.

Chevron Bands With A Round Diamond Engagement Ring

Inspired by a classic chevron band, VRAI’s Chevron Band elegantly complements a Round engagement ring with its gentle contours and sleek design. Plus, its soft curves match the roundness of the center diamond of the engagement ring.

The Chevron Band
The Signature
The Chevron Band

Signature V Bands With A Round Diamond Engagement Ring

VRAI’s timeless and modern Signature V Band creates an elegant statement when worn alongside a Round engagement ring. On another note, the Signature V Band can be worn with its matching Signature V engagement ring or with other Round engagement rings. The contrast between a Round diamond and the dramatic curve of the V makes for a contemporary, yet timeless and unexpected choice.

The Signature V Band
The Signature V
The Signature V Band

Shop The Perfect Pairing With A Diamond Expert

Find the perfect pairing of your Round engagement ring and wedding band by booking a complimentary appointment with our diamond experts, who will show how the different shapes, widths, and metal colors work together. Create a combination that results into a thoroughly timeless and modern work of art.

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