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Art Deco Engagement Rings: A Shopping and Styling Guide

Angelica Frey | May 3, 2023

Angelica Frey | May 3, 2023

Art Deco-inspired engagement rings take us back to the roaring 1920s. They owe their name to the fact that they’re reminiscent of Art Deco, a specific aesthetic that was popular between the 1920s and 1930s across the arts and architecture. The jewelry crafted during this period is beloved for its elegance, geometric shapes, a focus on verticality, and timeless appeal.

Beyond fine jewelry, everything from furniture to skyscrapers like the Empire State Building were inspired by Art Deco’s sophistication and symmetry.

VRAI created diamonds flawlessly suit Art Deco inspired engagement ring settings and fine jewelry. With our Cut for You Process, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of step-cut diamonds beyond the Emerald and Asscher cuts.

What is Art Deco?

The term Art Deco is a shortened version of the French “arts décoratifs” and refers to a look that emphasizes geometric patterns, abstract design, and an overall look of fine craftsmanship and luxury. When clothing and jewelry designers say they are inspired by the “Roaring Twenties” or The Great Gatsby, they are referring to Art Deco style.

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What Are the Main Characteristics of Art Deco Rings?

Art Deco Rings are notable for geometric patterns and abstract designs. The most common geometric shapes are triangles, squares, rectangles, and circles. For this reason, you will see a lot of Emeralds, Asscher, and Baguettes employed in Art Deco and Art-Deco-inspired jewelry. The usage of small diamonds as accent stones was characteristic of the style too. In fact,the setting technique known as Pavé evolved during this period. In addition Art Deco jewelry and rings also relied a lot on color: it was quite common to see the juxtaposition of diamonds, emeralds, and sapphires arranged in a geometric pattern.

What Metal Works Best with Art Deco Rings?

Platinum was a very popular metal during the Art Deco era because of its resistance to tarnishing and its malleability, which allowed goldsmiths to create intricate, yet geometric shapes and outlines. However, especially in the Depression era, white and yellow gold became valid alternatives to platinum for Art Deco jewelry. The only color not immediately associated with Art Deco is rose gold, but rose gold still fits and beautifully complements step-cut diamonds.

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What are the Most Popular Diamond Shapes for Art Deco Engagement Rings?

Art Deco designs play a lot on geometry and symmetry, and step-cut diamonds, with their trapezoidal facets and hall-of-mirror effect all play on symmetry. Emerald and Asscher are the most popular shapes associated with Art-Deco jewelry, but Marquise cuts, with their balance between curves and sharp edges, uniquely suit Art Deco jewelry.

Emerald Diamonds

The Emerald diamond is one of the oldest diamond shapes. We tend to associate it with 1920s jewelry design because of its clean, linear lines. Its long, symmetrical step-cut facets run down the sides to draw attention towards the center of the stone. This type of faceting draws in light and spotlights clarity, for a thoroughly modern and elegant look. Crystalline and sleek, this shape highlights long, narrow facets for a sophisticated and stunning “hall of mirrors” effect.

Asscher Diamonds

The Asscher cut diamond shape is similar to an Emerald diamond, but with a square outline and layered facets. The Asscher cut features a deep pavilion and high crown—offering brilliance and its signature geometric appeal. VRAI’s Asscher cut has 65 facets. The arrangement of these facets, however, gives its uniquely vintage-inspired appearance and a “hall of mirrors” effect.

Marquise Diamonds

Also known as Navette diamonds, Marquise diamonds have curved sides and pointed ends. Their shape is reminiscent of the lips of the Marquise de Pompadour, a paramour of King Louis XV, hence their name. Because of its shape, a Marquise cut diamond shape will look larger face-up than a Round Brilliant cut of the same carat weight. A Marquise cut boasts 56 facets in a longer, slender navette form.

Round Brilliant Diamonds

Round diamonds are known for their timelessness and harmony, and despite being a shape that is not tied to any time period or aesthetic, it can easily be the centerpiece of an Art Deco engagement ring. “Art Deco pieces are as much about the setting as the center stone, which is one of the most “vintage” qualities about them,” says Taylor. “Round diamonds with unique halos, interesting metalwork, etc are easily identifiable as Art Deco inspired.”

Baguette Diamonds

Baguette Diamonds are usually used as side stones. With their small, usually rectangular, step-cut shapes with straight or tapered edges, they can give an Art Deco flair to almost any setting once they’re added.

Cut for You Diamonds and Art Deco Engagement Rings

VRAI’s Cut for You™ process allows you to choose from 30 diamond shapes that include popular shapes and VRAI exclusive cuts. Step cut diamonds are prominently featured among the Cut for You™ options, and the emphasis on the geometry of their facets uniquely suit Art-Deco-style engagement rings and jewelry.

Capri Diamonds

The Capri diamond is an in-house cut, with a shape similar to an Oval and Cushion, but with step-cut facets similar to an Emerald on the bottom of the stone and a mixture of step and brilliant facets on the top. This cut combines a Hall-of-Mirrors effect and brilliance.

Hexagon Diamonds

The Hexagon is a step-cut, six-sided diamond shape with facet structure that resembles that of an Emerald or Asscher cut shape. It features trapezoidal open facets that create an optical illusion known as the “hall of mirrors” effect.

Kite Diamonds

Kite diamonds combine step-cut and brilliant-cut facets. The step-cut facets give this shape a subdued, yet elegant luster, which is ideal for those who want a setting with an emphasis on craftsmanship and metalwork.

Lozenge Diamonds

Lozenge diamonds are a type of Step-Cut diamonds that use trapezoidal facets in the shape of a rhombus, or diamond. They differ from Emerald cut diamonds because each side has the same length and from the Asscher cut because while the Asscher has a square shape with beveled corners, the Lozenge has a diamond shape with pointed corners.

Are Art Deco Engagement Rings Popular Now?

Art Deco jewelry has graduated from being an endearing, vintage or vintage-inspired style to a timeless choice for anyone who displays interest in jewelry design. “Art Deco jewelry is a little bit like Mid-Century Modern home design - it is technically vintage but because it has remained beloved for so long it feels more timeless!,” says Grace Taylor, VRAI’s Chief of Sales and Customer Experience.

Top Art Deco Engagement Ring Styles

For those who love geometry and elegance, VRAI’s Art Deco engagement rings combine elegance and timelessness.inspired engagement ring settings that will give their ring a playful and sophisticated look. From Halo to Three Stone settings, discover the details that set these popular Art Deco rings apart.

Art Deco Halo Engagement Rings

Halo engagement rings are quintessential Art Deco style. The circle of diamonds that perfectly surrounds the center stone creates the kind of geometrical pattern that became so popular in this era. It’s no wonder that Halo rings were the most sought-after look at that time.

Oval Halo
Emerald Halo
Trillion Halo

Three and Multi Stone Engagement Rings

The symmetrical style of the Art Deco era is perfected in Three Stone engagement ring settings. Although nearly any combination of center and side stones would achieve a vintage look, fancy diamond shapes like Pear, Marquise, Asscher at the center are particularly Art Deco-inspired, and tapered Baguette side stones are a quintessential detail from this period. The Five-Stone Heirloom, with its baguette side stones, gives any center diamond an Art Deco look.

Marquise Three Stone
Pear Three Stone
Asscher Three Stone

Vintage-Inspired Engagement Ring Settings

Not every Art Deco or vintage-inspired engagement ring follows the exact same pattern. Other settings have details and embellishments that would have been adored in the Roaring Twenties.

The domed elegance of the Curator engagement ring or the geometrical lines of the Signature V or Signature Bezel make them ideal Art Deco rings.

Top Art Deco Wedding Band Styles

You can achieve an Art Deco aesthetic even with the sleekest engagement ring if you pair it with a wedding band that has Art-Deco style elements. A band adorned with baguettes will allow you to channel this type of elegance. Please note that these bands, while labeled as “wedding rings” can also be worn on their own on any finger and be purchased for any occasion. The Alternating Shapes Wedding Band, The Baguette Bar Band, and the Devotion Band are the perfect Art Deco complement to any look.

The Alternative Shapes Band
The Baguette Bar Band
The Devotion Band

What Style Of Men’s Art Deco Rings Are There?

The choice of an engagement ring or wedding band is personal, and should fit each individual’s taste. VRAI’s unisex designs are perfect for any form of self-expression; but these styles of men’s Art Deco rings are the most sought after.

A Signet Ring highlighting an Oval, Emerald, or Marquise shaped diamond creates an instant vintage look. A Tetrad Ring that underlines the symmetry of four identical diamonds in a row is also perfect for creating an Art Deco look. And a Brushed Baguette Band reproduces the dapper and sophisticated style of the era.

Signet Ring
Tetrad Ring
Brushed Baguette Band

Learn about Art Deco Rings with Our Experts

Art Deco is no longer vintage-inspired nor trendy: it’s timeless when it comes to jewelry and engagement rings. It’s up to you to determine whether or not it fits your style, and our experts can show you our settings and how to choose a matching wedding band.

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