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Celebrate with customizable wedding bands featuring lab-grown diamonds created by VRAI.

Expert advice
Expert advice

Expert advice

Complimentary appointments, in person or online,
with our diamond experts.

Complimentary appointments, in person or online, with our diamond experts.

How to choose a diamond wedding band

Your guide to finding the VRAI created diamond wedding bands meant just for you.

The most popular diamond wedding rings are Eternity and Infinity wedding bands. The name for these styles comes from the “infinite” amount of diamonds that continually wrap around the band. Infinity bands feature small Round or Baguette VRAI created diamonds, whereas Eternity bands feature Round. Oval, Princess, and Emerald cut diamonds. The Alternating Shapes Band allows you to have an infinity-style ring with alternating diamond shapes. Pavé versions of the Signature V, Knife-Edge, and Chevron bands are also popular.

Choosing a platinum, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold diamond wedding band is entirely up to you and your personal preferences. Consider the metal color featured in your engagement ring or fine jewelry collection first; you will likely want your wedding band, that you’ll wear every day, to match.

Most diamond wedding rings feature individual diamonds under 1 carat. A large Infinity band features individual VRAI created diamonds that are 0.66 carats, where a larger Eternity band features 0.50 carat diamonds. For bigger diamonds in your wedding ring, book an appointment with a diamond expert to discuss a potential custom design.

Not only are VRAI created diamonds free from the human and environmental toll of mining, but VRAI converts greenhouse gas into diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry in America’s Pacific Northwest. These lab-grown diamonds are then polished by international craftspeople before being set in platinum or recycled gold designs. This means the VRAI created diamond wedding bands you select are truly sustainable and a reflection of both your values and style.

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Lab-grown diamond wedding band FAQ

The best diamond wedding rings for men, women, and gender nonconforming individuals are the ones that reflect their personal style and taste. Best-selling styles for women's wedding rings include Five Stone Bands, Infinity Bands, Eternity Bands, and Alternating Shapes Bands. Single Shared Prong Bands continue to grow in popularity, as well. The best diamond styles for men include the Brushed Baguette Band, Tetrad Ring, and Baguette Bar Band.

The carat weight varies from style to style. For a Half Pavé band with Round melee VRAI created diamonds, the total carat weight is 0.176 ct for the original and 0.26 ct for a large. For a larger Emerald Eternity Band featuring individual 0.50 diamonds, the total carat weight is 8 ct. The carat weight for all styles is included on their product description page.

You may choose a pavé version of many wedding bands. If you select a Signature V, Curator, Knife-Edge, or Chevron band, bands all come in plain or pavé versions. For adding diamonds to other styles, please book an appointment with our diamond experts to discuss potential custom designs.

When it comes to choosing what size or diamond shape you’d like to feature in your diamond wedding band, you have many options. For Infinity, Devotion, and Shared Single Prong bands, for example, you may choose original or large versions. For Five Stone Bands, you may choose from a variety of diamond shapes; the same is true for Eternity Bands, where you may also choose your preferred size. Select your shape based on personal preference or to match your engagement ring. For size, that is entirely up to your taste and budget. Speak with a diamond expert for more personalized guidance.